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Maxitrade broker – is one of the many brokerage companies out there who offers Forex services and solutions. Though this platform is new to the field, it has long established its name and credibility by providing optimum and high-quality services for traders. As it gained recognition from different parts of the world, that was when it also started to face heavy criticisms. Negative Maxitrade reviews from online blogs and Maxitrade customer reviews in the form of comments flocked online putting Maxitrade in a negative light. 

As reviews are important, this too was written with the purpose of helping traders assess the credibility Maxitrade. More so, to bring clarification to concerns that Maxitrade cheats its clients. This shall equip traders knowledge and information necessary to determine a good forex broker from a fraudster. 

MaxiTrade Rundown

Maxitrade was developed by a company named Day Dream Investments Ltd located at Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines. As an FX and CFD trading platform, what makes Maxitrade broker different from other existing platforms is the settlement of offered assets up for trading. The list ranges from currencies, commodities, indices, stocks, and cryptocurrencies. 

In line, Maxitrade equipped and enforced their service by integrating measures, services, and solutions to secure convenience, efficiency, and success while trading. It offers wide choices of cryptocurrencies, a trader-friendly leverage of 1:200, and a MetaTrader 4 with online-based and downloadable version. To mention, it also provides 68 pairs with exotic pairs on the list such as, 

  • Norweigan Krone
  •  Philippine Peso 
  • Turkish Lira
  • Czech Krona
  • South African Rand
  • Hungarian Forint
  •  Polish Zloty
  •  Hong Kong Dollar

It is also equipped with trading instruments including contract for difference (CFD) on platinum, palladium, silver, gold, oil, and other natural gas while providing a seemingly large number of cryptocoins like Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Monero, Ripple, Bitcoin, and Bitcoin Cash. 

Focusing on the interface, site is an easy scroll through as it projects tools and functions in a smart and comprehensive format. Moreover, since its mission is centered in reliability, the interface is wired with analytics of daily and weekly forecasts, a compilation of economic and financial news, graphic charts, real-time quotations, and quarterly reports of major corporations. 

A trader does not have to worry about the dangers of trading as demo accounts are offered in order to help them assess whether to open an account or not.  This is crucial and helpful as it will give traders idea what to expect while trading. 

One thing to note about demo accounts, some brokerages project unrealistic and trader-friendly quotations and leverage which is completely far from what is actually offered in official trading accounts. This kind of tactic hooks people into subscribing to their platforms. As a precautionary measure, it is important to check and review brokerages before officially subscribing just to prevent losses. 

To officially open an account, important black and whites are required before clients get to have their personal Maxitrade login account. This Maxitrade login account will redirect users to Maxitrade official site and to the platform itself, giving user access to financial markets.  

Feedbacks: Why Forex is a Scam

A brokerage’s name or the principle it upholds is not dependent on reviews and feedbacks on the web. These reviews, though helpful, are often times biased and opinionated. Brokerage industry is a business and as competition is at peak, rival companies resort to unfair fight. These companies try to bring down a reputable company’s name by dragging them to controversies.

Maxitrade is one of those brokerage companies oftentimes victimized by bad reviews and false feedbacks. As a result, Maxitrade site’s reputation is frequently put to question. A subjective Forex review just like those uploaded online inflicts damage to a legitimate broker as false claims and allegations weigh down the trust of potential clients. Beyond that, the honest service and credibility rendered by the company was abolished. 

Reviews are necessary for assessment but readers must know the difference between a legitimate review and reviews centered in subjectivity and partisanship. Some gullible readers are not capable of determining false claims from legitimate one resulting to confusion as to which broker is honest and which is a scam. As Maxitrade is frequently subjected to this, Negative Maxitrade reviews sway people into believing that Maxitrade lies, or that Maxitrade cheats. Thus the commonly tagged phrase, Maxitrade fraud. 

In line, traders must personally engage in research and reviews to shed truth to the issues that site faces. The following qualities must be met to determine the credibility and legitimacy of a broker. 

  • Brokerage’s accreditations 
  • Tool efficiency and functionalities
  • User-centered system
  • Legal practice

To rebut criticisms, Maxitrade met all the aforementioned requirements as they are accredited by the IFMRRC. User-centered system offers tool efficiency and functionalities which boosts clients’ success all while maintaining a credible and legal practice. All of these can be verified in Maxitrade site.

Debunking Myths: MaxiTrade Scam

Numerous tags surfaced online bearing phrases like Maxitrade cheat, Maxitrade lie, Maxitrade fraud. Despite the emergence of these tags, there are still positive attestations that can prove Maxitrade’s honest service. 

C:\Users\rhmacabuag\Desktop\1.PNG,  a forex review website, elaborated Maxitrade’s functionalities and how it sits next to well-known brokers like Saxo Bank and OANDA.


Root-nation, a forex review website also attested that site is a legitimate broker by comparing it to OANDA and Saxo Bank. 

Maxitrade site’s legitimacy also manifests from positive Maxitrade  customer reviews made by several users who first-handedly used and experienced Maxitrade. 


One Maxitrade customer review disclosed the efficiency and convenience that this trading platform offers. 

From a certain Judson, this Maxitrade customer review discussed the advantages that Maxitrade offers together with its attestation that there are no difficulties in using the Maxitrade. 

MaxiTrade Accreditation

Maxitrade site stayed true to its promise of service. This can be verified by visiting site as a run-down of accreditation is presented specifically in the “About the Company’ section. The company is regulated by IFMMRC which stands for International Financial Market Relations Regulation Center. This is a confirmed regulatory body structured to police the quality of services of brokers. In line, it also intensively checks the reliability of services provided by investors in the financial market.

This regulatory body bestows certification to brokerages that meet a specific set of requirements. This too, testifies that the brokerage underwent inspection and has met imperative conditions as required by the IFRMMC.

Presented in Maxitrade official site, IFMRRC verified that Maxitrade broker is a legitimate brokerage company and have complied to all the necessary requirements and conditions set by the institution by giving a Certificate of Compliance or Certificate 0395 AA V0128.